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What is a Curious Food Lover culinary activity?

Any type of food and drink related activity that could be of interest for people who are passionate about food and at the same time like to learn more about food in all it's wonderful cultural, historical, flavourful and natural aspects.

Right, now you still don't know anything. Some examples might help: any cooking course, food trail, wine tasting, farm and food factory visit, gourmet city tour, etc goes.

But also stores and restaurants that have a specific specialty that allows you to learn more through tasting special products and dishes, and speaking with staff and owners with loads of knowledge.

Museums are another great category, both the museums with a clear food-subject, but also the museums with a more general orientation because in many cases food-related objects are still an important aspect of the collection.

Do you have tips for adding an activity?

Yes, I do

  • When you are logged-in, the activity will also be added to your personal profile page and you can add pictures and stories directly after submitting the new address.
  • If you like to add the activity without logging-in, you are asked to enter your email address, which may be used for confirmation of your contribution.
  • The other fields on the form are about the address details of the culinary activity (not about you!)
  • To make life easy on you, activity name and country are the only 'really' required fields. The more information, the better, though, of course!
  • Scroll quickly through the dropdown lists with country, region and city by typing the first character
  • Examples of an activity name: "Books for Cooks", "Musée du Chocolat", "Harrod's", "Tsukiji Market", "Pumpkin harvest festival", etc.
  • Activity type (museum, shopping, cooking course, etc), specialty (chocolate, fish, wine, etc) and other more practical details can be entered on the page you'll see after submitting this basic info.

Why does the translation result in really incorrect texts?

The translation is an automated function from "Google Translate".

That means that the original English texts are translated by a computer program "guessing" the right words, without paying any real attention to, for example, the proper order of the words.

So this is more a very generic aid to help you browse the pages in your own language, but absolutely not a perfect - manual - translation.

What are the sources of all the addresses?

All the addresses entered by me come from reliable, high quality sources - like lifestyle and travel magazines, travel guides and a large variety of other books, tv shows, great weblogs, based upon personal experience and recommendations of friends and family.

Do your have tips on searching for activities?

These tips might help you.

  • Start your search with any selection from the main categories; country, activity or specialty.
  • When using the search panel, you'll never see "sorry, no results" (I hate those), so you are only presented with "real" options to choose from.
  • To make sure you will find enough interesting activities, start with broad criteria (a whole country or region, for example, or the highest level of type or specialty), next you can start fine-tuning.
  • Try to wait with searching on specific cities, use the 'show results of this page on map' option to get an idea of the possibilities in a bit wider area.
  • Next, you can next refine your search with choosing from any available dropdown box.
  • Dropdown boxes with a minus sign (-) have no options available in your current search context.
  • You can skip any search box you like, despite the 'select one' text.
  • Once the results are shown, you can always change or refine your search, by changing your previous criteria.
  • Make sure to press the 'show' button again after you updated your search criteria.
  • You can navigate quickly through the drop-down lists, by typing the first characters of the search term you are looking for.
  • A maximum of 50 results are shown on one page, so that's also the maximum number of activities you can see on the map.

Did you visit all the addresses in the guides?

I wish! No, in fact, I wish all of you will do so and share pictures and stories, so we can all virtuall travel all over the world, even when we are not able to do so...

So the addresses without personal additions like culinary travel pictures and stories are more like a source of inspiration to do some "adventurous" exploring when you are in the area.

How often do you update the addresses?

As soon as I find out something has changed. A good thing is, when you are a registered user, you can update and complete the information about the activities as well.

And please remember, always check if the information about an activity is still valid when you are planning a visit: a museum/shop/cooking school/restaurant/etc that has been open for business today, can be permanently closed tomorrow due to unforeseen circumstances (just imagine how fast any printed travel guide is outdated...).

How did I end-up with a Flickr placeholder profile, while I did not register personally?

Flickr is an amazing source of great food shoots, browsing the site makes me feel like a kid in a candystore (or, in my specific case, as a Marijke in a bookstore).

Many of these pictures are published under a creative common license, meaning that the pictures can be re-used under certain conditions. The most important requirement is that it should be clear what the original source of the pictures is.

By creating a dummy profile named after the Flickr source, with a full link to the Flickr member account, I want to make sure that the proper credits are appointed.

Don't you breach the creative common license for non-commercial use by publishing these picture on your "company" website?.

Of course I want to make money in order to keep the CFL site in the air. On the other hand my main driver is about collecting and sharing as many inspiring "show and tell" tips about the culinary activities of the world, so we all can add more taste to our travels (or daily life in general).

The pictures published under the non-commercial CC license have a great tip-value but will of course only be used for free services on the website and deriviate products (like the inspiration screen savers). Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

When did you start this project?

In essence, I think this project started by the time I could read, my favourite literature being cookery books.

Do you have some tips for writing an inspiring culinary travel story?

Just a few:

  • Write from your personal - first person - perspective.
  • Try to create "co-experiences" by using an engaging writing style.
  • You may want to include some background info about the activity or its specialty.
  • Consider to focus on "interestingness", not as much on "deliciousness", eating ants might not necessarily be delicious, it is definitely interesting.
  • Compare what is *normal* to you with the special characteristics of this activity.
  • Only write about activities that you liked and recommend! Contact the activity directly if you want to share negative feedback.
  • Use about 350 up to 500 words.
  • Once submitted, stories can no longer be edited. Of course you can contact me if you want to change or delete anything.

What is the thought behind the coaster with the facts, the polaroids and the stamps?

These three illustrative elements always share a common theme. In case you have searched on specific keywords, the theme of the illustrations is adapted accordingly.

When you put your mouse over them, the title will show. See if you can find the similarities...

Did I notice correctly that all the stamps have food-themes?

Absolutely! They are part of my personal collection of food-related post stamps, containing more than 3.000 stamps from all over the world with the most beautiful pictures. And stamps are also telling about which food images countries consider of importance to illustrate their national identity, so the stamps have a significant cultural value as well.

When you would want to look at the pictures or the stamps in more detail, you can click on them, they will be shown enlarged on your screen.

And now the most fun part, every time you refresh the page, a new set of illustrations will be shown. How to refresh your page? Simply press the F5 key on your keyboard.

Can I share facts, general pictures and culinary stamps?

You're more than welcome to do so. Do you have great facts, pictures or culinary stamps to add to the collection? Don't hestitate to send them to me via the contact form!

Do think you will ever be done?

Nope, I think this is literally a project without an end, and with very flexible boundaries. And that is exactly what I like about it.

Where can I find the answers to all my other questions?

Just contact us and I will try my best to answer as soon as possible!

What is the best way for companies offering culinary travels, tours and cooking classes to add their activities?

These companies almost always have range of offerings, different types of tours, trips to different destinations (cooking in Marakesh, pasta classes in Rome, regional cooking in the Provence, etc) and classes with different subjects (making sushi, preparing fish, baking cupcakes, etc).

Because the visitors of are looking for great culinary activities - foodie things to do -, often in at a specific location, or with a specific subject, and not necessarily for specific companies. So if you represent one of these company-types, always make sure to add your (most important)offerings as separate activities.

See for example these links: the first one is directly to a travel company, the second and third link are to the specific offerings:

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