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OK, so you might find the navigation structure a bit challenging. These tips might help you.

  • Start your search with any selection from the main categories; country, activity or specialty.
  • When using the search panel, you'll never see "sorry, no results" (I hate those), so you are only presented with "real" options to choose from.
  • To make sure you will find enough interesting activities, start with broad criteria (a whole country or region, for example, or the highest level of type or specialty), next you can start fine-tuning.
  • Try to wait with searching on specific cities, use the 'show results of this page on map' option to get an idea of the possibilities in a bit wider area.
  • Next, you can next refine your search with choosing from any available dropdown box.
  • Dropdown boxes with a minus sign (-) have no options available in your current search context.
  • You can skip any search box you like, despite the 'select one' text.
  • Once the results are shown, you can always change or refine your search, by changing your previous criteria.
  • Make sure to press the 'show' button again after you updated your search criteria.
  • You can navigate quickly through the drop-down lists, by typing the first characters of the search term you are looking for.
  • A maximum of 50 results are shown on one page, so that's also the maximum number of activities you can see on the map.


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Explanation of various icons

icon camera - culinary activity is illustrated with food shoot pictures

text balloon - culinary activity is illustrated with a food & travel story

sheet of paper - culinary activity has a description why curious food lovers should visit activity

magnifying glass - Curious Food Lover admin has added some additional notes

(tip: hover with your mouse over the icons to get a tooltip also explaining this)...

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