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More on being a contributing curious food lover

Good thing is, sometimes you run into a culinary museum or other interesting culinary activities you would like to add to your wish list of “like to visit one day” or of where you can imagine that other curious food lovers can make delicious discoveries, for example in your own hometown. Share! You see, the great thing is that your contributions not necessarily need to be based upon personal experiences. Interesting culinary addresses you find in newspapers, magazines and other reliable sources are equally useful. The largest part of my contribution to the activity collection after all came about in the same way, building one huge culinary activity wish list.

And concerning the culinary travel stories, passing on the culinary experiences of friends, family (“my mom recently went to France, where she…”) or from, for example, famous writers are just as welcome as your own experiences. Every story that brings a culinary activity to live is of value!

When you choose to register, you have several options to use your registration for your personal/professional benefit as well. Of course you can register by choosing just a user/screen name and share no other details. Good start. If you can, however, also benefit from your contributions. On your personal profile page you can add a personal description and share your Twitter account, share a link to your Facebook or Linkedin profile or other social network site. You can even refer to the website of your company or weblog.

These social networking links serve a double function; you can profile yourself, and we can get a better picture of the person behind the contributions.

Furthermore are all your contributions shown; the activities, culinary travel pictures and stories you added. And when you have great facts, food stamps or general culinary pictures to share to be used as general illustration on the site, then these will also be visible on your personal contributing curious food lover page. You just need to make sure you are logged-in when adding any kind of content, otherwise the relation between you and the contribution cannot be made.

In other words, your personal contributing curious food lover profile page can help you with offering an insight about your "culinary travel journalism" skills!

I hope many of you will share numerous entertaining, inspiring and interesting culinary museums and other culinary activities!


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