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You can find below the (largest part of) letter I sent to friends and family on June 14th, 2010. It could give you a nice impression what the idea is behind the whole CFL project.

Dear friends,

The moment is finally there: www.curious-food-lover.com is live! The worldwide culinary travel guide of www.curious-food-lover.com is the home base for (no surprise there) curious food lovers, who like their daily dose of delicious discoveries.

Food = fun, as far as I am concerned. I can seriously enjoy the sensory aspects of food & drink, I like to taste food, look at it, smell it, feel it and even listen to it. On the other hand, I also really like to “discover” new knowledge and tidbits of information about food & eating in the broadest sense of the word. In fact, I am mildly addicted to the feeling of amazement and wonder, the sensation of a coin that drops.

Thus, I can enjoy food with all my senses as well as mentally, and every discovery that contributes to that enjoyment, can be qualified as a “delicious discovery”.

It proved to be quite complicated, though, to find information online, quickly and practically, about the what, how and where of opportunities for delicious discoveries, from cookery course to culinary museum and from winery to farmers market. And then preferably in an appetizing and inspiring manner which is inviting enough to search for fun information on a frequent basis, even when there aren’t any short-term travel plans.

Then, when you consider that I do not only truly enjoy finding information and stories, but equally, if not more, take pleasure in sharing those delicious discoveries, then you can probably imagine that this situation made me itch. It appeared a such fantastic challenge to create the ultimate “year-round” worldwide culinary travel guide. Three years, the birth of a beautiful son, the constant support of the home front and the professional assistance, heaps of research and lots of start-up lessons later, I’d love to share the first results with you.

The second-largest Dutch national newspaper Metro wrote: “Over the last few years, culinary holidays are gaining popularity. And recently there is an online travel guide that provides lots of information about this. The site www.curious-food-lover.com is an initiative from Marijke Blazer, according to her own saying a culinary tourist herself for over twenty years. During the past three years she has worked at the site, where ´foodies´ from all over the world can share and find culinary activities and the accompanying stories […]”

So to me, www.curious-food-lover.com has become a place where you can discover the almost endless ways in which you can explore the fascinating world of food, every day of the year.

Sometimes the culinary travel guide can be of service for the physical traveller. By means of the unprecedented large collection of culinary activities, you can plan appetizing, entertaining and instructive experiences during your holidays of just when you like to make tasty trip close to home.

At other times the site can inspire the virtual traveller. From behind your desk or on the couch, you can read culinary travel stories, explore new ‘food facts’, let yourself be inspired by delicious illustrations and make wish lists of culinary activities at exotic destinations you’d like to visit one day.

Of course you are also invited to let fellow curious food lovers co-experience your culinary adventures, by sharing your own culinary travel stories (as long as these are not just semi-independent reviews without any context) and adding appetizing & interesting activities. Very soon you can even upload your own culinary travel pictures! And the good thing is, contributions based upon other – reliable – source are also more than welcome. So you can be a culinary travel journalist every day of the year as well.

The current collection of activities is only the tip of the gastronomic travel iceberg. The first focus has been on putting together an extraordinary extensive collection of culinary museums. The counter currently stands at 2594 museum in 98 different countries with more than 33 culinary perspectives. This because I enjoyed showing that food can be experienced in a hugely diverse ways - of course with your senses, but also very well by learning and reflecting about it.

In the mean time is the collection of activities growing by the day; The Netherlands are well represented by now with more than 3.000 activities and other, largely varied activities are added frequently. Furthermore, periodically I will add large collections with a common theme, like Tuscany, chocolate, cooking courses, etc. [...]"

I hope to frequently see many of you on www.curious-food-lover.com!

Happy exploring,

Marijke Blazer

Owner Curious Food Lover



Dear CFL-friends,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the totally unexpected death of Marijke Blazer, the owner of CFL. She died on the 12th of June last year at the age of 40. We thank you for your frequent visits to the site, and for sharing your culinary experiences with us.

We hope that you will keep on exploring.


The CFL-team



In other words:

Be a culinary discovery traveller, 365 days a year.

Get your daily dose of delicious discoveries by exploring inspiring content about culinary activities all over the globe. Spice up your travels by using the world’s largest index of interesting culinary activities, with over 7.000 cooking schools, wineries, food festivals, gourmet shops, farmers markets, wine bars, artisan producers, regional restaurants, culinary museums and much more.

Be a culinary travel journalist, 365 days a year.

Bring culinary culture, gastronomic history and local flavours to life by sharing your personal appetizing experiences and blog entries, interviews with passionate producers or re-tell the culinary travel stories of your friends. Add addresses of attractive culinary activities, like local “must-do” recommendations, great tips found in newspapers & magazines and of course the delightful discoveries you made during your own travels.



On the Curious Food Lover website you can:

Find culinary activities where ...

  • you can explore what people used to produce and consume
  • how in different cultures food and drink have a place in everyday life
  • activities where you can learn about local products and traditions and where you can go in depth on a specific topic
  • Local markets and shops
  • restaurants that serve local specialties
  • museums showing what the old farming and fishing practices were
  • local festivals in the honour of the harvest of traditional products
  • classes or workshops teaching how to test or prepare a broad range of food
  • expositions of how wine or cheese are made nowadays
  • restaurants and shops specialized in a specific product or product group such as seafood, chocolate or desserts
  • artisanal meat production businesses to large candy factories that can be visited
  • or anything else you can think of

Use all basic functionalities, like ...

  • Search for addresses of appetizing and interesting culinary activities, sorted by location, type of activity, or main specialty of the activity.
  • Add your own activity, culinary activities you've found in other sources and you would like to read stories about, or activities where you actually have visited and of which you have a story to share.
  • Register yourself as contributing curious food lover and add personal stories and culinary travel pictures about the culinary activities across the globe.
  • Contributing Curious Food Lover community members can provide culinary facts, images and other content which can be used as travel guide illustration, with reference to your personal Curious Food Lover profile.
  • Subscribe to the Curious Food Lover frequent inspirations newsletter, where I'll periodically tell you about a destination or a specialty to give you new ideas.
  • If you are a registered contributing curious food lover, you can edit and modify inaccuracies and incompleteness of addresses.
  • Do you feel that an activity deserves more attention? Choose to promote that activity on this website. You can add photographs and descriptions, and make sure that the activities are shown in the top search results.



Expected in the (near) future

For registered contributing curious food lover:

  • Possibility to make lists of your favourite activities
  • Comment on stories and pictures by others
  • Be able to make contributions to e-travel guides and newsletters by text or image
  • Status change based on number of contributions and appreciation for contributions
  • Expanded opportunities for fine-tuning your own profile
  • A Twitter function to supply new facts instantaneously
  • A Flickr function to supply new photos instantaneously
  • Blogging about your personal culinary adventures on your profile page

For all visiting curious food lover:

  • A mobile application
  • Calendar function for events
  • Quick buttons to bookmark the website on social networking websites
  • Multilingual culinary dictionary
  • Read the Curious Food Lover's travel forum

For activity representatives:

  • Possibility to view visitor statistics
  • Facilitation of online promotional package activation and payments


Curious about the CFL team?

The best results come by mutual inspiration. I am very grateful to Erwin and Margriet from Buro RaDer for all their ideas, patience and knowledge while building the website and Barbara from Barbara Mulderink Design for her willingness to re-work on the website design for quite some time, resulting in this creative outburst, and to all friends and family who alternately had critical and encouraging comments.

A very special thanks goes to stamp trader Ron Klomp from Klomp G.T.P. for his true believe at a very early stage in my ideas and his invaluable contribution to my gastronomic stamp collection for a symbolic compensation.

All the members of the Flickr community deserve my gratitude for their selfless sharing of virtually rights-free photos that made the lively illustration of this travel guide possible. And of course thanks to all the freelancers of Elance.com, who have helped with preparation of the import thousands of addresses, translating my Dutch input, drafting the privacy statement & terms of use, coming up with 3000 culinary trivia and the editing of an extensive collection of culinary stamps.

Although Curious Food Lover officially is a one-woman business, it would have been impossible to get even one address online without the help of these people.

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